USER MEETING 2019! INFO & FACTS! So you can fuck me! (QueenParis)

You always wanted to meet me? Have horny sex with me? Have you wondered how it works and what you have to do for it? Then you should definitely take a look at this video! In this video I explain you all important INFOS and FACTS to it and what you can experience among other things so everything with me! To make the whole VIDEO a little more authentic for you I have invited me a USER! He asks me everything you would ask me too and I ANTWORTE on it :) So all important details would be clarified quickly and it seems again more authentic as I think! But now to the THING! You looked at the video HERE? The only where the VIDEO also looks here is rewarded by me with a MEETING! Are you horny to fuck me so nice to fuck? Me to get dirty ANAL? To inject me horny? Really beautiful face einauen? Then apply NOW !!!

Starring: QueenParis
Categories: Big Tits, Fetish, Latex/Leather
Length: 6:57
Type: FLV


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