Well you, as you know, I am also on various fetish varieties! Among other wetlook. Here in this video you see me, as I prepare myself for a horny fetish party, shortly on the way there and then afterwards, after the party. I can promise you, it's really cool! Complete wetlook outfit, paint sheets on the bed, high heels, anal sex, tongue games, the cunt is made to glow, sextoys, pee, outdoor, squirt! Would you like to give you the complete program? : P Then have a look udn tell me if you liked it;)!

First day in my new job and then something !! My greasy new boss, had already such strange, questionable recruitment conditions. Always dressed sexily and only come to work without panties, well bitchy as I am, I thought nothing more, have anyway rarely something under it. But then my boss really went too far! He began to massage my breasts, pushed me up my sweater and asked me to present my fuck holes. Completely obedient, I did everything he wanted, and of course he used that shamelessly. Ohhh fuck, is this going to work every day ?!

Completely wrapped in from top to bottom, my sight almost takes your breath away. In transparent latex with gloves, and patent leather boots, my mega body could not be better staged! Your cock is immediately like a 1 and alone when watching as I move sexy in the latex leaves you almost squirt! I want you to jerk your cock nicely, while I stop you my Latexficklöcher and wants to be fucked pretty hard by you! Spray for me as cool as you have never hosed! I'm worth every drop of your horny cum!

He is constantly at this nudist beach where I am always and always tries to talk to me, so I pissed him. Today he succeeded again, because when I forgive myself to pee in the bushes he is just coming towards me. He just can not get enough of my delicious pee. Maybe I'll meet you at the nudist beach ...?

I become Bruce's toilet for an entire day! Turns out he produces A LOT of pee in 12 hours... and I drink it all, 100% of his pee - 26 mouthfulls to be precise. He also makes me say "My stomach is your toilet" before and "Thank you for using my mouth as a urinal" after every single time he uses me - as well as degrade and humiliate me in other perverse ways as the day progresses. One of our hottest videos ever I think!! :) -Morgan xx

The world is as it is ... sometimes you can change it a bit ... or just change it for yourself ... I started my video and did not really have a plan what to do ... but I had incredible desire to wet my pants ... then it grabbed me ... I turn off ... let me drift, even if I do not know where to go ... then the pants are dirty .. very dirty ... my champagne pulls the dirt almost;) then I finished my video ... the weather has changed abruptly ... I just had to continue ... everything is wet ... in the end is my naked body in the landscape to see ... I'm not even jealous of my camera, because it is in the car, so they do not get wet;) okay, I have virtually betrayed everything and yet did not say much: P :) I turn freely;)

Good that you have arrived on time at your boss to the online meeting. You probably already realize that the complaints about your personalities have accumulated and I now have to draw conclusions. We have always been a very socially responsible holding company for our employees and that is why we will get to the bottom of things and give you an opportunity to keep your job. Unconventional -Yes. But also justified. If you do not do what I say, this conversation has a quick ending. Termination without notice. So far you do not want to let it come, right?

When I am alone with Gino the Italian macho in the WG, I put on my black nylon pantyhose and begin to submissive and submissive clean in front of his eyes. I stretch out provocative my horny Bubbe Butt and look at him with dirty eyes until he has a stand in his pants. He grabs my neck and we kiss each other violently. I unpack his Fickprügel and blow him submissive and full of dedication. I edit his balls with my heels and get him a tender footjob with my nylon feet. When I ask him if he wants more, he grabs me and rips me a hole to fuck in the nylon pantyhose. He penetrates doggy into me and uses me harder and harder until I come. When he is about to cum, I kneel down in front of him, stretch my tongue quite far and willingly and let me vollspritzen from him. What a horny creamy cumshot fuck. I love sperm and play around it horny. Can I continue cleaning so dirty now ...? Maybe with you ...?

If necessary, I'll take the train - of course free of charge and then the first class. Puh squeezes it again on the bladder - as much as it even farting back out of the ass, so well, at least for good smell, D I'll lift the dress up and piss first in extremely strong beam on the track seat. Wow that splashes in all directions. But now out quickly here - but not without my pussy glue on the door opener to lubricate, oh and there, the engine driver climbs in, O whether he noticed something? I'm better off then times; D Want more such kinky videos? Then please rate it :) and write a comment: *