Too late to the Wixxdienst today, my Nylon Wixxnutte! I ran all day in the heels and you know exactly what I expect after a long day in my heels from you. Yes, off to your place! I relax my noble nylon feet and you will massage the fragrant soles with your wet greedy tongue! Breathe the scent deeply and suck each toe individually! The soles will lick you! And let the pants down and get your wixx out! You can not be any different to your witch than wixxen. And dare not to suck less just because you wigg so hard! Suck the scent until you can splash for me. And where I tell you! Do your job.

I've never done that before. With all my body parts I've brought the horny cocks already to cumshot. But this time, foot-sex-jerk off-limits is announced. After the horny orgasm from the user Fabian my soles were so squeamishly horny with sperm smeared. I was so fed up with the mess and I just had to taste the sperm and play around with it. I can also nix for that I am so spermasuchtig. Do you like my foot chain?


New video "Fetish"

There it's heavy stuff!

I take the evil as one pleases of you fre to salivate on my heels and my feet You have intêret to cross well your language between my toes!

I spit at my foot so that you spread out all the saliva!

I enjoy titillating you the acorn with my feet, my toes and my hands with a lot of saliva so that that slides well on your small tail!

If you are wise and obedient you will have the right to enjoy me on feet while I masturbate in the face of you by shaking your small tail with my attractive feet!

Amuse you and spatter, please;)

Kiss you

Amel Annoga

I had called a friend to see if he could drive me a bit. Unfortunately, I then realized that my boots are broken and I had to ask him first, if he can take me to the shoemaker. I love my horny lacquer boots so much. However, I had no money with :( Since I came to the funnel how much he loves my feet: D So there was an offer with which we both could live :)