Oh yes my darling, I know you need it today really horny messed up. You see me in my skin-tight white swimsuit and start to jerk off. And I promise you, after I pee really cool for you on it, you can lick my dirty Pissfotze clean and my Dirty Talk brings your hard cock to explode, until you just injected! Are you coming to me under the (piss) shower?

Last week I was visiting Dresden. Since there is just city festival, I've made the Ferris wheel for my next video. ;) When I had to pee, the floor has gotten quite a bit ... I did not think of that in advance and had to mop it up with my shirt. : P Who has looked at my last BLOG entry, who knows what it is about. Luckily, this time, too, everything went well and nobody noticed when getting out of the gondola. I hope the person did not get a wet ass after me. Wish you a lot of fun! Shaiden

Wow how my warm pee on the tail was so horny. When plugging in I had to stop something, because the big cock pressed my urethra. It was so awesome, how it ran out again. I had already tried this a few times, but it had never worked so well. How cool all my holes were satisfied, just mega. Then there was the end of a mega cum in my mouth and I swallowed it well, but I did not manage everything, I must probably do something for.

After I sowed my old car so it's time for a new car, P or? Come on, let's see what's up in the dealership. P Wow here everything smells so new and fresh ^^ And the first here also has a great big trunk for many horny sauerei - but look there - there is still such a red car, P even has 4 exhaust pipes: P Wow - certainly has a lot of horsepower - at least I think it is the most expensive car in the exhibition, P - I take - but before I test it if he stops my hot ray and nothing drips out down - look at what I have for a horny Sauerei in the back seat make D

On kitchen search in the furniture store. There are great deep drawers here. They are ideal to just pee in just once cool: P if I come with my Pisstrahl in the drawer? And what are so cool bottles in the closet here? The fit but also determined in my tight wet pussy, P so thirsty has certainly no one ennobled in the store :)

Phew I am already late again D the party is already in full swing - and my passenger fidgets all the time so around - what has he? I think he has to piss extremely: O and then he suddenly gets up while driving - distracted by the traffic, I do not even notice what's happening right there: D pissing me straight from top to bottom: P what a sow - but somehow also awesome cool ^ ^ made so wet on the ride I have to stop but first and see how horny wet I am: P so I can go to the party?

We wanted to go back by bus and I had to go to the bathroom so badly. What did Cat say to me? "Just let it go," as here in the middle of the main street? OMG I have to do it after her. She said it would be quite easy and pissing fully into the jeans. Well, who wants to keep up with the big ones then have to follow suit. So I really pissed in the middle of the main street in my jeans and we ran to the bus stops. Incomprehensible!!!!!

He is constantly at this nudist beach where I am always and always tries to talk to me, so I pissed him. Today he succeeded again, because when I forgive myself to pee in the bushes he is just coming towards me. He just can not get enough of my delicious pee. Maybe I'll meet you at the nudist beach ...?

I become Bruce's toilet for an entire day! Turns out he produces A LOT of pee in 12 hours... and I drink it all, 100% of his pee - 26 mouthfulls to be precise. He also makes me say "My stomach is your toilet" before and "Thank you for using my mouth as a urinal" after every single time he uses me - as well as degrade and humiliate me in other perverse ways as the day progresses. One of our hottest videos ever I think!! :) -Morgan xx