My favorite waiter has contacted again. I'm so happy, hihi. The last time we saw each other, I was totally nervous and excited and knew almost nothing about sex. But today I am prepared! I'd like to show him how much I've already learned ... It would be best if I'm up there, because that's what I like most and that's where I feel safest, because I can set the pace and the "depth" myself. Not only do I have the control, but I can show him what I've got. He will be surprised ... But I do not just want to show him what I can do, but also surprise him ... I thought, sometime during the meeting, just go to the bathroom and come back without pants. But what happened then I really did not expect now .. He really manages every time again to amaze me ... But I'm already open or?

Today it's finally time, I have my first real date. Just as you would imagine. I'm really nervous again ... He wants to go out for dinner with me. Oh god, I've never been fancy food ... I dig out my most beautiful dress, plus a little lipstick. I have even come up with something special, because I do not wear any underwear ... Hihii. After we finished, he even asked me if he could come upstairs. Luckily ... I was waiting for that. So I said "yes" and took him to my apartment. But with each step we took, I became more nervous again ... I put my key in the door, breathe deeply ... and try to hide any tension and nervousness ...

My nude walk ended with a huge creampie in my cunt! Because I walked around naked in public and just lospisste as me was after made my friend so horny that he had his cock stuck right in my freshly pissed hole. The thought of being seen and not having the ability to put me back on fast enough made me moister than having sex at home or anywhere. Probably he did not really need long because of my extremely wet cunt to fertilize her so extremely !!! So fast and so much was exactly to my taste! Then of course it went naked and with the pussy filling on with my very special walk! Would you like to take part in such a hike?

I'm in the bathroom and suddenly someone is knocking on my door. "Sweetheart, open the door!" is the unknown voice saying but I'm not waiting for anyone, neither do I have a current Sweetheart. I'm covering my body in a towel which is way to small, going nearly naked to the door. I open the door and am seeing a nice young guy, who seems to be really interested in me. Alright, if he's already here ;) I'm taking his hand and pulling him into the room, after that ...

Today is the perfect day for sports, I put on my leggings, the matching sports bra and running shoes. After I was jogging, I always do my stretching exercises at home. But today I was so by the wind that I forgot to properly close my apartment door. Oh, you do not even believe what happened then ... I've never experienced anything like that. But it was so exciting and completely new to me ... I felt like in a movie.

I'm really happy ... Immediately a friend from my university comes by and we want to learn together. Ouhii ... I'm so nervous. Ever since my first day at university I've wanted to meet him, but I just did not dare to ask. This morning, however, he came to me and just addressed me ... Oh God, I'm so happy and excited at the same time. I do not know if he really just wants to learn or if more will happen then. So somehow that would not be so bad ... or ... We'll see each other at the university every day. Oh God, I did not think of that ... I do not know, actually I want it too ... I do not know, actually I want it too ... There it rings already at the door. When we sit on the couch, suddenly everything is completely different than expected!

It makes him right if he can smell my Fremdgefickten cunt. If she is still a little wet and smells like sex. Add to that the smell of a used condom and one or the other orgasm of mine. I never thought that men could find something cool, but the fragrance must be very special and definitely brings my sweetheart completely crazy! Are there any more men who like to smell foreign-fucked pussies and like to bustle with them?

That was the hottest Arschbewruchtung I was allowed to experience so far! The reason for this was the orgasm I had with this assfuck because I pulled myself again and again the tail out of my intestine in order to be able to push it back into my asshole. The pressure on the first penetration in my asshole is just the coolest in anal sex and is really addictive! Here are completely new feelings in and around my Poperze emerged so that even the cock felt very good when pumping in my ass! By the way, that was my first anal departure with which we came at the same time! So I was in the middle of groaning and just completely in another world when my Popöchen was filled abundantly. I want more of it !!!