I become Bruce's toilet for an entire day! Turns out he produces A LOT of pee in 12 hours... and I drink it all, 100% of his pee - 26 mouthfulls to be precise. He also makes me say "My stomach is your toilet" before and "Thank you for using my mouth as a urinal" after every single time he uses me - as well as degrade and humiliate me in other perverse ways as the day progresses. One of our hottest videos ever I think!! :) -Morgan xx

The video was ever online under the name: "Sex slave - bound and spanked!" Do you want to tie me up? Tie up at the arms? So that I kneel defenseless before you and you can do with me what you want? Put me nipple braces and a gag ball and whip me? Everywhere on my body? Oh yeah, that does not only appeal to you. It makes me indescribably horny so used to be used. With each blow I get moister, please do it to me! But you hold me, does not let me come .. I love this kind of foreplay, it makes me so horny that I can barely stand it. If it is finally so far and I can feel your hard cock, I will explode with lust! Please think to rate and comment on: - *

As you probably already noticed, I was with the family on vacation. Since I had absolutely no opportunity for a hot fuck. Of course, that does not mean that I have not constantly played around secretly with me, but that's just not the same as a horny, hard cock! I'm so hungry for sex that I am totally restless on the way home. At home, I want to attack directly over my roommate. But he is not at home! Well, what am I doing now? I turn the same with lust! Should I just be so bold and try it with my neighbor? Why not, I think. As soon as he opens the door, I take him by the hand and pull him to my living room. "Good that you are there, I need you now!"

Oh great, I'm coming home in the morning and my roommate is naked in my bed! What's that about? I was with my best friend overnight and wanted to make myself comfortable in my bed now. At first I'm angry and want to send him to his bed. But well what can I say, I just can not be angry with him;) How he lies there, naked in my bed .. Mhh I think I am now surprising him with something he certainly did not expect. He is so surprised and I have his cock in the mouth, that it does not take long until he squirts my tits! I would say, that was a good start to the day for him, or what do you mean?

Woha, I threw myself in my greatest fetish outfit and played a bit with my Flogger and the guy escalates so blatantly. He fucks me without inhibitions and mercy. My submissive fantasies were definitely satisfied. I am completely at liberty and can not defend myself, because he is physically clearly superior to me. His hand hits me everywhere - and I have to admit that I really enjoy it. Spanking is pretty nice;) I always think I do not have such a proper fetish, but I'm wrong;)

As a submissive Fickstute I was tied up in the hotel room left behind. When I called for help and the door opened, suddenly a strange guy stood in front of me and he did not even think about untying me. He took advantage of the situation simply shameless and unrestrained and used me as his personal verhurte submissive 3-hole sperm bitch and fucked my holes fucked sore. Would you have taken advantage of the situation as well?

I got to know someone there, we had a short break and he does not like normal things ... After a long time he has come back to me, he just writes me that he comes over today and that I should prepare myself. My knees are a bit soft, I remember the last time and that was really blatant. But this time he wants to go further, to use me correctly. When he arrives, he immediately makes it clear that he wants me to be completely docile, and to make sure he takes certain precautions before he starts using me brutally! But the shackles and the gag ball are just the beginning, a taste of what's to come, because I quickly realize that this time he will not stop ... why go on you see in the next part ;-) If you like the video please, please rate and comment!

Today I have a very special outfit. A dear user has sent it to me and of course I have to try it on directly. I like it very much and I would like to initiate it immediately and let me fuck it! The thought of it makes me totally cool .. I hope my roommate like it so well! So I put on the outfit for him and wait for him on the sofa to finally get home from work. When he opens the door, he does not know what's going on. "Oh wow, that looks hot, do you want to be in the outfit now?" I tell him that I will definitely do that, but that I would like to initiate with him beforehand. "Do you like it?" I ask right now, as he already takes off his pants and pushes me his hard cock deep in the mouth. Ok..that is clear enough, apparently he likes it;)

My heart is still beating, he just left and I have everything on video! But what now? I can not tell my little one that her new boyfriend is cheating with me ... In the beginning I thought this was a great idea, just test him, see what happens. I did not say anything to my little Lisa, I did not want to worry her more, she always gets jealous so fast, but she just did not feel good about him. I still thought so naively "I can just stop", actually it should never come to that, I hid the camera to prove her thereafter that he would never cheat her, I wanted to calm her down and now I have the video evidence and I do not know if I can really show her what happened there ...