OMG! I would not have expected this. Actually, I wanted to make a relaxed Sunday on the sofa today. I talk to my roommate about his work and everything, but my thoughts keep wandering. I have to constantly think of the fuck with my ex friend. No it's not about him, but dss feeling helpless to be fucked. That made me so insane .. "what do you think I should say to my boss?" My roommate leaves me out of my thoughts. "what? your boss..ehm .." now he realizes that I'm not listening to him properly. He asks what I think and I tell him about the fuck and how it made me crazy to be so defenseless. He starts to grin, takes my hand and pulls me into my room. He pushes me on the bed and says "wait here" what is he up to now? I'm totally taken by surprise when he is suddenly in the door with shackles. He holds it out to me and asks, "Well, do you dare?" but before I can think about what happens here, he puts me on the shackles ..

It has meanwhile rumgesprochen that I turn porn and so has an old friend suddenly reported. We had no contact for a long time. He was quite direct and asked if he could also turn time with me. First I said that I would not find that so good. But when he bragged about that because I would not regret it can be HOURLY, we can definitely make at least two or three clips out of it, I became curious. He used to be a show-off, but mostly it was just empty words! Well maybe that has changed in the meantime? I was just taking a shower and wanted to get something hot for him when he was already in my room. Apparently my roommate let him in. So get the towel off and off you go. At the bump in his pants, I could tell directly, he does not want to wait anymore. I was very excited. Will he really last as long as promised? But then everything changed. I could have thought so too! Because of him can be sooo long .. that's it then. Or should I give him a second chance ..?

Oh that was pretty risky! I had just made myself comfortable on the sofa when I got a message from my neighbor. He wrote that he is indescribably horny and his wife does not let him run again and asked if we can meet again. He wanted to come over to me but that did not work. My roommate was home and that would only give stress. He does not like it so much that I have something with the neighbor, even though he has a wife. But that's not my problem !? I did not want to leave my neighbor so horny now so I wrote: "meet us in 5 minutes in the hallway". When I opened the door he was already there. His excitement was clearly visible through the pants. I pulled his pants down and began to spoil him. Ohman what am I doing here? The feeling that we could be caught, made me really wet and he seemed to like it very much. It was not long before he splashed on my tits. Then quickly back to his wife. Whether she did not wonder where he was ...?

In my bathroom, the light is unfortunately not so good, so I usually make up in front of the mirror in my room. While I kneel down there naked and get ready, I see out of the corner of my eye as someone comes in. Um, okay, what exactly does he want now? I'm actually about to get ready for the webcam, but I've made the bill but without my lustful, driven by his morning slut roommate, who begins to drool at the sight of my bare bottom just drooling. Is he lucky enough to have me as a roommate, or what do you mean?

I lie relaxed on the couch and play one of my favorite games when suddenly my roommate comes in. His date does not seem to have gone so well, he is in a very bad mood and he lets me feel the same. He spent extra days on sex and did not even get a down, only to be able to land properly with her then, but piss cake, she had apparently different plans ... gambling I can probably forget now. As he stands in front of me, he seems to have no desire to give up his days of abstinence for a wet hand and a handkerchief, I have to now well ran!

I really like to party, but today I thought we just celebrate in my flat. My roommate and I just wanted to do something "little," but when we're done with the list of people who need to be there, we realize that our place will be quite full. As the party is really going on, my roommate brings me to the kitchen. I can already imagine what he wants when I see the camera in his hand ... "Do you really want to do that now?" I ask him, but the answer to that is clearly visible in his pants. Everyone is in the living room and fiercely celebrating, drinks are also outside and I have to say, this hint of forbidden things makes me pretty, so quickly the panties and off you go! Hopefully nobody really needs something from the kitchen ...

Actually, I just wanted to get ready for the cam when it rings. My neighbor again. I did not expect to see him back so quickly after the last time, but apparently it was just fine, so that it paid off despite his subsequent climbing and trouble with his wife. Actually, I've got a pretty bad feeling there, I just heard her, so she's at home ... An apartment next to mine, the only thing that separates us is a thin wall ... But so close to the action, I have to confess, I have but also pretty much looking for more and exciting it is definitely! So I let him in, look him in the eye and whisper: "Well, you liked the blowjob? Do you want more today? "

If you did not know it yet, I live in a shared flat and my roommate knows, much to his delight now also what I do. He has a very normal job and comes home in the afternoon, but today he seems to have changed his mind and comes spontaneously past his lunch break. I'm really surprised and ask: "Hey, what are you doing here? Do you have lunch break? Do you want to spend it with me? "He grins and I think I know what brought him here so early. For days he behaves weird, apparently he has finally managed to scrape all his courage and wonder if we could maybe fuck, which is really funny, because he usually has a pretty big mouth, now so embarrassed and meek to see is really cute and I can not resist;)

My neighbor and I get along very well, but his wife is extremely jealous and does not make life easy for him since I moved in next door. He works shift and is therefore often at home when she works, but even then he has no peace, he told me lately, because control calls are her part of the agenda. This morning, the two had a proper fight and shortly thereafter, my neighbor is at my door. If he could come in for a quick coffee, he just had to puke! Apparently she assumes to have an affair with me. He then said that it does not really matter what we do, she already thinks the worst ... Well I'm not so sure about that, but he keeps talking to me until I finally agree. We are just finished, because it beats against the front door! His wife is standing in the hall shouting at my door ... Well, now he has to climb out over the balcony and I have to think about if I might just pretend I'm not there ...

Hello dear ones, I decided to do a little reboot. But do not worry, it will be week after week to see new videos of me and I'm really looking forward to live out all my ideas and fantasies with you. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, for all those who would like to know more about me and of course would be glad, if you tell me something about you :) In short, I am frankly a little bit upset. I've never done such an introductory video before, that's something new for me. But I hope you like it and see you soon. Kiss Nora