Userficktreffen with Alex from Frankfurt | The MEGA REKORD splashes ALL TIMES! XXXXXL Spermafresse! (Daynia)

NO EXCESS: That was my biggest ever cum load EVER, and probably the biggest charge in the whole network! Daynia on Tour: When I met with Alex from Frankfurt in Nuremberg, I was already full of anticipation, because I was incredibly horny on a Userficktreffen! And it really went something to the point, his cock was rock hard and he fucked me AO from the front and behind so horny! But what came next was the ABSOLUTE OBERWAHNSINN! I jerked him his Fickprügel and he injected incredible cum fountains in my greedy Fickgesicht! OMG I was so full of cum, I've never really experienced! Could you top this charge? *** Daynia warranty! Real MDH User ***

Starring: Daynia
Categories: Extreme Hardcore, Facials, Fetish
Length: 10:37
Type: FLV


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