TV-REPORT User Turn Fuck-INFERNO MADNESS! (Mara-Martinez)

Today is really an exciting day! My first professional shoot for a big reportage for TV is being shot today! A whole TV team is with me in my apartment to accompany my day. I was RIGHT excited! Of course, the team was totally curious, as today was also a user rotation. Actually, the television team was interested in how such a user rotation is going on, how it is behind the scenes and how it is above all the user. But when it came to turning, suddenly all eyes were on me and the whole team was there. Totally unfamiliar, because normally only a cameraman films me. The cameraman from the television then turned his camera on me very curious. Who should blame them, because surely they have never seen something like this live .... ;)

Starring: Mara-Martinez
Categories: Big Dick, Close Ups, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 8:03
Type: FLV


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