After 4 years I finally have a real vacation again. The warm summer breeze blows through my hair. The salty scent of the sea is in the air. Silent loneliness in paradise. You actually get completely different thoughts and I imagine what it would be like to push a number here in the middle of the sandy beach. The bare skin on the warm sand. I wake up from my daydream when a cute man comes around the corner and speaks to me. You can see how small the world is again, even on the most beautiful beach away from tourism you can recognize me.

I really did not have sex for a while now. So I invited a buddy to me and watched a little TV with him. When he was very engrossed in the movie, I went out of the room for a while to change my clothes secretly, that I can seduce him horny. So I came in the room, surprised him with my lingerie and zack was already his cock in my mouth. But long was his Fickprügel no longer in my mouth. It went straight into my tight pussy! He fucked me hornier and harder! But in the end he did not pull him out !? Am I pregnant now?

I really wanted to bake a cake at the weekend because my best friend's birthday. I realize that I forgot to buy eggs. Really pretty stupid, because the shops have all been closed. So I'll write to my nice neighbor if he has some eggs left. He means clearly and he would kindly bring her down. My savior in need! I open the door for him and invite him in for a little chat. A whole pack full of eggs he puts in my hand. Now I can finish baking my cake. I ask him what he gets for the eggs, but this guy is quite a jerk and just let his pants down! Pretty brazen! He probably did not know which full eggs I really need. ;) But with so much neighborhood help, I do not want to be like this and help him empty his eggs ....;)

An acquaintance of mine came to visit me. He said he had something very urgent to discuss with me. Of course, he did not tell me what it was about on the phone. So I was so excited when it finally rang the doorbell. In addition, I find the guy really cute, but so far none of us dared the first step. Arriving on the couch, I ask him what's so important to tell and there but this brazen guy just grabs his cock! At first I was quite perplexed by this pretty cheeky approach, but how he puts his magnificent cock in front of my face so I can not help but have to touch it. Who could say no? So I start to suck him with relish and so one thing leads to another and we do it really hard on the couch! This guy fucks me even so so horny that I cum the first time in a fucking really cool and everything einaue !! Fuck - was the GEIL !! I think I have to invite again on a humorous date ...;)

I've planned a new project and my room will have to be repainted. Unfortunately I do not know about painters at all, but my neighbor is a painter by accident. Every time he greets me in the garden, I notice his eyes on me up and down wandering. I catch myself as I stare at his bulge in his pants. I've been wondering for a long time, what's under it. So I ask him if he might not help me. Of course you help yourself with neighbors and two hours later, he is already with brush and paint roller in front of the door. I feel again his greedy eyes, which wander into my cleavage. Pretty intrusive the guy. So I let him do his job in peace. He has really been very quick, because he has deleted the wall in a flash. But that he immediately demands a perverted return, I found it a bit brash about him. For this I tear his painter's smock from his body! Then he uses me even more violently! That's probably neighborhood assistance of a special kind ...;) Do not forget to rate and comment with the STARS! Thanks, Kussi: * Mara

Yesterday I was invited to a small garden party with my neighbor. With my tight summery outfit, I was of course quite noticed among all guests. But in the hot summer temperatures, I can not help but to put my beautiful, new breasts up and attract me pretty airy. I did not miss his eyes when I walked in to the garden and he first looked me up and down. I could almost feel how he wanted to pull me out right here with his eyes. But the party has just started. So we are flirting all the time, until I take advantage of the hour. He says he has to get something in the kitchen for dessert. I ask him if I could possibly help him with this, and we quickly steal away. Hopefully the others will not notice that we are busy with much more than just dessert;) Do not forget to rate the video with the STARS and leave a comment; * Kussi, Mara

Oh no! My beloved bike broke down. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about bicycles, although I really enjoy riding my bike into nature. I love feeling the wind between my thighs and the shock I feel every time I drive over a bump. I love the vibration on my saddle when I drive over uneven terrain and perceive every single stone as a quake on my pelvis. I really get wet every time. But unfortunately it is broken, so I call a friend, if he could possibly help me with the repair. He knows a little better and to be honest, he likes me really well. I noticed his flirting attempts the last time we were together with the bike. I really had to control myself, not to let it show me how horny I had made the vibrations. So I had a really good pretext to lure him to me. In the garage I show him the bicycle breakdown. Thank god he could help me ...

Actually, I just wanted something relaxed and uncomplicated and therefore have a dating app invited someone to my home. There was no big get-together this time, I wanted to be fucked so easy, not find the man for life ... bad luck that the condom is apparently too small for his big cock! I still feel like he is getting harder and his movements are getting faster and stronger, I realize that I'm coming too soon. I really feel like he is sucking off and think to me at the same time that this should not be so intense with rubber ... When he pulls him out he does not have to say anything anymore, I notice it too, the rubber is torn and he has really deep in my pussy injected! Fuck, I do not know the guy and I'm not taking a pill! I try to shove out as much as possible and just hope he did not make me pregnant!

The pressure increases, my nervousness too, will I make it? This is my first time that I make such a bet with someone and then with the use! I'm really excited and feel a bit like an important competition, it starts and my date looks just as excited as me. The bet is nothing less than my pussy, which he may use as he wants! He immediately made it clear that if I lose I want to inject myself without gum! So I have to go to extra lengths to win this bet. Whether I've made it, or whether he can inject immediately afterwards, you will find out in my latest video. Have fun looking and maybe you can do it in 90 seconds?