According to the motto "carrot and stick" the slave has earned a reward after finished work. Locked up and tied up in the cellar, an extensive tease and denial treatment awaits him. What a joy to see how his cock shrugs and the lust drives him more and more into dependence. Supported by the skillful massage arts and the unmistakable verbal eroticism of his mistress the slave will experience his ultimate relaxation.

The slave crowd of Calea Toxic has picked up a sex tourist on the street, overwhelmed him and brought him to re-education. He is imprisoned and tied up in her cell and doesn't even know what is happening to him. Mistress knocks some sense into him and he realizes that he can't joke with his mistress. Let's see how long it takes for him to be raised to a submissive rubber whore. Experience Calea Toxic in her verbal-erotic element. Rating "must-have".