Oh God, my best friend's friend came by to help me with my new project "I'm renovating my bedroom". I think the secret for years, great, she fucks him probably no longer right. Well, so I persuaded him to flatten me and make a little movie with me! In the beginning it was actually planned that I only give him a quick down, but then I wanted his pulsing cock to fuck my little tight pussy as well. Krass, how hard he fucks me doggy, right? I hope my neighbors did not hear me ...! And even more, I hope that my girlfriend never gets that out. Oh oh….!

OH MY GOOOOTT! Actually, I've only 2 types of me agreed to chat! It then became pretty sexual quite fast. I asked her if I could turn that too - that's how this little sextape came about. I was really excited, because woman does not have every day two tails in the hand. Once started it became wilder and wilder. A tail from the front, one from behind. , How cool that makes me, you can hear clearly - while a doggy fucks me and while I blow the tail of the other. I swear, I've never had a threesome before. I did not realize how much sperm it is! I repeat: OH MY GOOOTT!

Actually, I wanted to shoot a new episode because someone had wished for me. I also had the full idea - but in the imagination that was somehow hotter than real. I thought I could withstand more - but I had to stop the video early. What exactly happened? I do not want to betray too much, see for yourself .... I'm a little uncomfortable that I did not manage that ...

No idea what's going on right now, but I'm permanently wet all day. Is it maybe spring? Take a look at my how wet it is. Unbelievable? And since I had nothing else to hand on the fast, I thought to myself, I fuck myself with it! Bit crazy, such a bottle fuck, I know! But you know me - so I am: D After that was pretty much a lot of pussy juice on the bottle .. if I like that? : D Let's get on a try. Speaking of coming - I am also pretty hard, but because I needed my little magic friend;) so you get the way, every woman to inject: D

Welcome to my second episode - Here I try again and again crazy new things. Today I test how well my pelvic floor is trained. Can I make these eggs disappear into my pussy and push them out again without help? Is my musculature really trained so well that I can lay an egg? haha! I'll show you in close-up what my pussy can do. HAPPY EASTER!

After Mike secretly watched me take a shower, I invited the village boy to me. As soon as he is sitting on my couch, he wants to play a totally crazy scissors stone paper game. "If I lose ...", I offer my wager with confidence. But, you know it for sure - it went wrong and I lost. But gambling debts are debt of honor, that's why I stand by my word. PS: Heaven is the tail big and thick!

I just found an old video of me on my phone. I was 18 years old and shot my first movies! Haha - how blatantly young I still look! Really hard. And can it be that my tits are even bigger there? And I'm still blond and have much longer hair than now! But bring me to orgasm, I was already quite good. CAUTION CLOSE UP! I just say ... I hope you like this little movie!

... suffers sorrow and worries;) Yesterday I celebrated a bit with such a guy and stayed at the same night. In the morning he fucks me then just really hard through - and even without gum. I hope I will not get pregnant! That I give sone sounds during sex, I was not so aware;) But alright, he is really pretty blatant on it. And in the end he injects everything into me. I bet you've never seen a CreamPie that close! Or? ;)