Oh my God, I can not really put my own feelings into words. Fiona Fuchs and I have already approached sexually, but until now there was never a camera with us. Since we both are active here and that was a new experience with a woman for them, we thought, we'll do it just once in front of the camera. We often spend weekends together and enjoy the time as much as possible, including a shared relaxing bath. We are so attracted to each other that we can not stay away from each other for a long time, kissing and caressing ourselves sensually until Fiona pushes her hand between my legs and brings me to climax, because she knows exactly what feels good to me. I feel so well and secure with her that I forget everything around me and just let me go. Of course we also filmed how to get Fiona to come. However, you can find this part of the video on Fiona-Fuchs' profile. I really hope you like it. Please leave your feedback and rate and comment on the video

Hey, my last video has arrived so well with you and after I'm over the point to do it myself in front of the camera myself, I have also lost the awe of it and think that I am here even more open again , as last time;) I asked you last time for suggestions and many said that I could use a toy. That's why I made myself comfortable this morning after a hard morning and picked out one of my favorite toys. I often change positions and positions so that I feel it intensively until I reach the climax at the end. What do you think, should there be more in the future? ;) Leave a comment or a review, I'm still looking forward to suggestions and like to try new. Smooch you, Liah

Okay, that's the first video I've ever had, where I'm completely naked (at least), you can at least see everything = D I got these red tights as a present, put them on and on my girlfriend filmed me a bit about how I would seduce you;) how do you like the video? I was there with my girlfriend in a very private SPA area. I am pleased with a review and a commentary on how you find it;) Stockings

Hey, dear ones! Recently I was with my girlfriend in the SPA and we have let it go really well. Whirlpool, sauna and this rain shower - everything your heart desires. Since I was able to relax properly, I have made a small video for you under the rain shower. I found the atmosphere so sexy there that I did not want to leave you outside;) Have fun and leave me a rating and / or comment there as you found it. Kiss, Liah

Hey my dears1 I spontaneously fly the holidays and with all the bikinis and bathing suits I own, I definitely can not take all of them. Since I can hardly really decide, I thought, who should I ask, if not you;) In the fast run, I pull all times quickly on and off (of course in front of the camera) and present them with all their advantages. Leave a comment, which I should definitely pack, so I can make beautiful photos and videos for you. Thank you

Okay, so gradually I live here now and slowly make me the videos more fun;) Being in front of the action, I've known for some time, but in front of the camera I'm a little inexperienced. For this video, I have chosen this dress and stimulate a bit of your imagination;) Please leave a rating there, if you liked it and give me a feedback. Look forward to it! Your Liah