I'm so excited all day and can not think of anything else! When I come home I immediately run to my room. Finally the time has come. All your lovely messages, the many great reviews and comments have given me the courage to do it for the first time in front of the camera myself. Quick door to and the phone on the tripod. Now I notice how I am getting a bit shaky. I think for a moment, if I should really do that, so far I have only undressed. Before the doubt becomes too big I turn on the camera. When I start to pull up my top I notice how all thoughts of me falls away and I just want to get it for you! I hope you like it and you have fun watching :)

MY FIRST TAIL! Spray me full! I am looking forward to the whole week, because today I get a visit! I really enjoyed taking off my clothes, touching and having fun with myself. I dare so much and I owe it to you and your kind and encouraging messages and comments! You have given me so many compliments and given me so much courage that I finally trust me. As I sit on the bed and he stands with his big camera in front of me, I'm a little nervous, this is my very first time while I'm being filmed ... I take my courage together, after all, I do not want to back down now and pull his Pants down. As I take his cock in my mouth, I feel how much I feel like I have to show you as well and how much I look forward to the next time. I hope you experience as intense feelings when looking, as I am just as I am. Kiss Maja

After the last time blowjob, I could not think of anything else. I just had to write to him and I did not realize how fast he was already in my bedroom. I had not had sex for so long and I have never filmed myself. I was so nervous but I tried not to show it. Quickly I showed him that this time a blowjob is not enough - I WANT MORE! And then it happens .. this incredible feeling when he finally penetrates me! Madness..

Hey, I'm the Maja and with this little video I would like to introduce myself to you. It's my very first video ever and besides, I was also super nervous, because I'm so shy and reserved - so please be nice to me :) I still can not really grasp that I'm actually here logged in .. but it's been a lot of fun so far. That's why I stay here and look forward to seeing you and many hot hours with you! Your Maja

Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you very much that you have taken me here sooo dear. I feel really comfortable here. There is now my first strip video for you, in which I show COMPLETE NAKED! I've never done that before and it took me quite a bit of courage to turn it around and then put it in here as well: p Please let me know if you liked my curves and the video and if you want to see more of me. If I now imagine how you rub your cock while watching and sticking with your eyes to my body - wow, I'm already pretty wet! ;) Your Maja