Hui, when I think about it, it still tingles my throat. I was in the sauna on the toilet and forgot to lock up. Prompt, a guy is standing in the door and comes towards me. He has his towel over his shoulder and as he stands in front of me, his cock dangles right in front of my face. Somehow I can not resist it. Magically it attracts me and I open my mouth and start to suck on the tail. The thing gets more and more intense and develops into a deepthroat. I take it really deep and my eyes water and the spit runs out of my mouth. It's a nice mess. I choke and spit and am happy about it. You know that I'm on something like that. That's why I can not expect the finale, which is a really blatant mess. I want to have sperm, in the mouth, in the face, everywhere! I can not wait that the Ficksoße shoots in my neck! Is that too hard for you or do you also like deep throat?

A crazy action! I was with a work colleague in the hotel and we packed the long time. There was an old-fashioned table in the corner. Somehow we had the same idea - it looks like a poker table! We did not have any maps but what the hell. Since I'm very spontaneous and join in every fun, I also get involved in a card game without cards. Will we skip the poker part and come out right now. After I am naked, I start to blow his big cock. He is already so horny that the thing is already stiff. The whole situation makes me so strong, that I immediately put my legs on the table and let me fuck me willingly. For a long time I have this special kick again. Really cool as he takes me and the orgasm will not be long in coming! But he barely keeps it out, we are so horny. He injected definitely crass and I'm looking forward to the total sperm flow! I lick my lips and can not wait! Do you feel my lust? I want you to cum on me, preferably on my cunt, when I lie legs apart in front of you!

I can not wait any longer, come here immediately. I'm ready and put on your favorite things. With the overknee boots, you always go that way, you like it so much! I'll heat you up a little. Your cock should be stiff when I take it in the mouth. I want to rumlutschen on your stiff Ficklatte and then let me fuck you. You have to put your cock deep into my Fickloch! Take me hard and fast but above all - push him deep inside! To the stop, I want to feel your horny meat whip. Because only if you bring me to orgasm, you may cum. And today I have something special for you but that should be a surprise! Do you like her?

Ohlala Hammer hard! That was a hefty number. I got lost in the car and someone came running up to me: I'm not allowed to drive here anymore, he says. I ask him for directions and somehow he opens the belt of his pants. I should jerk off, he says, then he tells me piece by piece the way. Pretty brash but somehow also cool. While I wank his cock, he tells me where I have to go. But he really does not get to the point and now I'm supposed to blow too. Somehow I am delighted and shocked at the same time. He fucks me through the car window in the mouth, bad. But now comes the hammer. He wants to spray me and I say OK. Had I known that before ... he's hammering out the load of his life, just unbelievable. I have not seen anything like it. I look like a pig and the sperm runs down the car door, I'm speechless, such a mess! A yeasty experience. Did you ever happen something like that?

Whether that gives problems? Well, that will only come out in hindsight. Anyway, I arrived at the hotel and they really had a problem with the toilet. But I did not have enough time to wait for the repairs or to go back to the ground floor by elevator. Praktischwerweise is in the middle of the room a kitchen ... hm I have an idea. It would not be the first time I lie down a toilet of a different kind. The structure is so wonderful to kneel over it and clean piss. Too embarrassing if now an employee comes into the room now. As always, I risk it anyway, because I would not want to deprive you of the free view of my pissing pussy!

There are such outfits, since no man holds out long. Sex takes place to a large extent in the head and of course, such an outfit really heats up and makes you horny. Nevertheless, my husband exaggerates something. He always squirts off after a short time. This annoys me, of course, and I am quite insulting about it. But you probably last longer than my husband, the loser! I can not call him anything else! When I slowly get up to speed, I already realize how he squirts again and pumps out his sperm. I give him another chance. He may prove himself again and he just has to hold out and wait with the cumshot. If you inject so fast, or even in front of him - then maybe it's up to me? Although I really can not imagine that you are still in front of him cumshots ... try it ;-)

Interviews and Ficks I had a lot, if not always related. Everyone knows it, with the arms of a woman, you can easily get benefits. That was my plan and my new boss understood the signals very quickly. Because such a thing does not leave a man cold, he also read it. I unpack his cock and suck on it with relish. I still could not imagine what would happen immediately, it all looked like a normal fuck. However, I probably underestimated his drive. He fucks me on the reception desk and gives a good gas. I like it when a man fucks really hard. Now I should sit down on him and suddenly it started. He has a special technique that really goes so blatantly, I do not remember where and how is up and down. My hair whirls around wildly and I have to hold on bad, otherwise he fucks me still through the ceiling. I do not know if I should scream or laugh, really blatant what he deducts. As crass as his fat cumshot at the end. Then something else happened that I did not imagine. I'm really confused but I'm still buzzing the pussy of the monster ride straight.

I had imagined this date differently. I was home alone and had an incredible desire for a well-built man. Such a real sunny boy, tanned and muscular, young and persistent. From time to time you should treat yourself to something. So I'm booking an agency through an agency, which fits this profile. But all the anticipation was blown away as this guy came up the stairs. I first thought that must be a mistake. On my question where my super model remains, comes only the clumsy answer "He is sick". But this disgusting guy works hard, completely ignoring my objections. He pushes me down and puts his cock in my mouth, I can not even say what. So please, who actually pays who ?! I'm so shocked and somehow have no choice, as he durchfickt me just doggy. He takes what he wants, how cruel for me. He fucks me pretty hard but I have mixed feelings. As I slowly come up to speed, he simply squirts in my face, gets dressed and leaves - so you've already experienced something ?? I am still very confused what has just happened here.

Attention EXTREMELY! Spermasucht highest degree and I finally needed a proper drone again! Aggressive and militant dressed, in addition Dominant I go to my 3 sperm donors. I had her specially invited to me and the prerequisite was that everyone can really squirt a lot. Age and appearance did not matter to me here. The boys are ready and the tails are like a one. I get on my knees and start blowing. I suck like a queen and hit me the plump slats in until it stops. is a matter of course and alternately I'm the clean 3 beating. Finally the first cock starts to twitch suspiciously. So now it starts. What happens now, I can no longer put into words. I call it the sperm execution. An absolute highlight in and That will be really bad! I have never been so full! Do not you like to inject into my face?

Today I want to give you a special treat! I was just about to make a clip and had to empty my bladder before. I have really cool clothes on. and a In addition stockings. It's definitely an eye-catcher and worth a look, right? I thought that you would be happy, if I do not deprive you a piss in such an outfit! Your luxury lady pisses only for you! Golden champagne and black fetish clothes. Do you want to lick me clean?