Sooo, .. finally it is here! My first latex part. How do you like it? And how do you like it in combination with the nylon? A really new experience for me. Especially when the gas mask came to it, .. the feeling and the smell ... simply indescribable, .. and then when I finally inhale completely the air from the condom,. I can only come, .. the rest makes my little friend the vibrator;) I hope you have at least as much fun on the video as me, .. let me know;) Mask control

It is so far. My playroom is ready,. and that means it must of course be initiated immediately ???? Pretty blatant as I'm here "tied" and can not move a millimeter more, ... I have to snap for air also. and the bats on my butt, .. I have to say that makes me pretty wet, ... and how. and then that! I come, ... and not just once, .. not 2 times, .. and not three times, ... I scream because I can not keep it with pleasure, ... but do not worry about the reward I'll suck you whole nice empty: *

It's not so easy to describe my own video :-) I was so nervous, I hope that this is not so noticeable :-) As you can imagine vielleciht, I like it rather something on the hard side: - Even when I'm alone, I like to torture myself with candle wax. The hot soft flowing feeling on my skin makes me immediately horny and wet. Even now when I write about it :-) Just look at it. I hope you like it: - * Let me know what you think and what I can do better.