I'm excited because today is my first day of my new job. But this anticipation does not last long .... He presses my work clothes into my hand. What should I really wear? I think for a moment, because it is really blatant what he expects from me. I want to do everything right. The first impression counts .... Therefore, I just overcome this work clothes ... As if that was not enough, it is getting more violent ... I just can not believe it!

The lanterns illuminate the dark paths that lie ahead of us on the way to the party. The wind feels very cold on my pantyhose, which is very thin. It's a bit scary, because I hear people but do not see. Slowly I am angry and annoyed, as the way in the length pulls. My thoughts wander off. A lightning strikes my abdomen with the dirty thoughts I have. "I want to show you my surprise, yes, it's the same here and now .... Do you want it too?" .... There are people outside and talking ... But where? No matter, the desire is too strong !. But there is something much worse that I did not expect ...

Today is a very special day for me. I'm pretty excited and go through everything again. Because today is my prelude to a very big concert. But I have to get a good rating ... So I knock on the door, my hands tremble a little but I try to hide it. Already someone opens the door. It was the examiner, a very nice piano teacher, at least my friends said that. At the greeting, he seems to be very nice anyway. He asks me in my place, I sit down and begin immediately to put my skills and proof. It all works wonderfully until I get distracted ... I can not believe what I take in my view true!

I finally have a few hours alone to do my sport. I'm just stretching and know that I have enough time left for my other exercises. My thoughts circle through my head, but until my stepbrother comes home it will take a bit of my time sense. So I immerse myself in my sports exercises. In between, I briefly thought to have heard the key in the castle ... but I rejected this idea as quickly as he had come. I was shocked. All at once I feel a hand. I turn around in surprise and notice that my stepbrother is home earlier. But the frightening thing about the whole thing is to suddenly see him behind me without clothes. I'm a little unclear what to do first, but then I agreed.

Today I want to study for a physiotherapy exam. The tensions of my stepbrother came just right. I thought I could help Him and at the same time practice Him for the exam. Of course, I did not know before that he had quite different where he had tension. He showed it to me in a special way. I knew what was going on in his head, it would end like the last time. I'm pretty nervous, but that thought totally turned me on and I agreed.

I'm home alone for a couple of hours, sitting in my room. The music is running, I know that I have at least 2 more hours left to do whatever I want to do. The thoughts rush through my head and I wonder if I really should do it. So far you have not seen anything from me, but I might want to change that now. I think I heard the key in the lock ... I am so nervous and close off as a precaution. I make the music a bit louder, lie down on the floor and get out the camera that I borrowed from my best friend and turn it on ... I'm a bit hesitant what to do first and start slowly to move until I unbutton my blouse. This is so exciting, I just hope nobody comes home earlier!